About Us

shopping-supermarket-1” Supermarket Xhangolli ” has started its activity in 2000 and today is one of the most successful supermarket chains, growing day by day, and coming near the Albanian consumers with high quality products from the best companies with the most advantageous prices . Through our cooperation with prestigious companies throughout Europe , England and America , we provide a quality product Albanian consumer and safely .

Our products are mainly products from Italy, Greece, Germany , England and U.S.A , as well as the best of Albanian products .

“Supermarket Xhangolli ” is the best option offered in Albania for trading and delivery of products for general consumption for the public population.
With a lot of hard work and continuous efforts of the whole management staff, we are working to set up a strategy worthy of competing in this market area. Supermarket Xhangolli is one of the leaders of supermarkets chains, operating in the Albanian market by offering to every client  a very large range of products with high quality standards and highly competitive prices in the market .
Supermarket Xhangolli is your partner in any needs , for high quality products that anyone want to find in a decent supermarket .
We are located everywhere that quality, standards and offers are bond together to satisfy any client need .

Our supermarkets are located at the following addresses :

1 – Supermarket Xhangolli , Rruga Komunsa e Parisit,behind the park , Alban Tirana Complex .

2 – Supermarket Xhangolli , Rruga Nikolla Jorga near Supreme Court and Grepi I Arte Restaurant .

3 – Supermarket Xhangolli , Rruga Siri Kodra in front of Hygiene Institute .

4 – Supermarket Xhangolli ,Rruga Naim Frasheri behind the Ambassy Block.

5 – Supermarket Xhangolli , Kopshti Botanik, near Complex Colombo

6-  Supermarket Xhangolli, Rruga Jordan Misja, tek Kompleksi Uslluga

7-  Supermarket Xhangolli, Rruga Tefta Tashko, Tek Zyrat e Punes

8- Supermarket Xhangolli, Rruga Panorama, tek Drejtoria e Tatimeve ( Hipoteka )

Take the best,pay less!