Food products flying out of shopping cartSupermarket Xhangolli offers the best products on the market. If you are looking for a special place where you can find everything in a quick time and without trouble, Supermarket Xhangolli  provides all these opportunities.

If you are looking for quality products of well-known worldwide brands and also the most convenient prices, Supermarket Xhangolli provides this opportunity. Therefore we walk with the motto “Take the best, pay less”!

In our supermarket you will find:

• Beverages of all kind, the best brands and highest quality imported from the world’s most powerful countries of production like USA, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands etc. Also non- alcohol drinks such as brands like Coca Cola, Bravo, Pffaner, Red Bull, B – 52 and various alcoholic beverages as Paulaner, Heineken, Amstel etc..

• Food products with high standards of quality, imported from abroad, and many well-known Albanian brands where food products such as flour, oil, sugar, sweets of all kinds, meat products of Albanian companies like EHW, KMY etc., continuing with Divella products with its full range, Elka etc.

• Cereals, fruits, vegetables of all kinds, which occupy an important sector for Supermarket  Xhangolli, where you will find everything. Cereals are offered in various forms and preparation that you can use for cooking, some are even ready for direct consumption. Fruits and vegetables are offered packaged and served to everyone who needs fresh vegetables and fruits.

• Detergents and hygiene products of the best brands, brings Supermarket Xhangolli to the main focus of any consumer. Detergent brands like Ariel, Dixan, Dash, Lenor, Spin, etc.Shampoo line of all variants and uses brands like, Pantene, Ultrex, Fructis, Schauma, Dove,Nives etc., etc.
• Cosmetic Products and qualitative diverse as resistant eye shadow, eye liners, lipsticks, etc., miracle lotions  of brands like Nivea, Dove etc., irresistible perfumes and everything you would like for a perfect and special look.

Supermarket  Xhangolli remains the best choice for anyone who wants to buy everything in the same place, not lacking anything to us, just visit us and we promise you will become captivated by the fantastic products and offers for you.

You are welcome!